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Web Design Comes with


Ultra Fast Hosting

Ultra fast and secure hosting will be included with your plan.

Multipage Website

Your website will be 05 to 07 Pages depends on your service.

Free Domain

You are going to get free domain along with your website.

Mobile Optimized

All our design are fully responsive for all the sizes of the screens.

Monthly Updates

All plans have update included in it so you are worry free.

Social Media Integration

Your website will integrate with all of your social media platforms.


Local Seo Comes with

Upto 10 KeyWords

Keyword analysis and optimize for upto 10 local keywords.

10 Directory Sub/Month

We will submit your website to 10 new local Business directories every month.

Google My Business

We will connect your google my business & optimize it.

On Page optimization

On page optimization, one page once a month.

Posts On Google Weekly

All plans have update included in it so you are worry free.

Technical Optimization

We will Technically optimize your site to get better results locally.

Our Features

Social Media Includes

Custom Strategy

We first work on custom strategy because we under stand not on strategy work for every business social media marketing.

Content Posting

We post quality relevant curated content to your three social media platforms according to your plans you select.


Main purpose of all this is to get maximum engagement on social media which works great by posting always new content.


We build a community of raving fans around your business that are loyal and supporters of your business.

Post Boost AD Management

We will do your fb post boost ad management if you want to boost any of your 2 posts/month.


We report your activities on your social media at your request at the end of the month.

Our Features

Review Marketing Includes

Set up a Central Review Hub
We place a central review hub for your business from where your potential customer gives the reviews across as many reviews like Google, Facebook, Yelp, or any other you name it.
Past Clients Reviews
You will be able to  ask your previous client to share their experience from your review dashboard to your website and other multiple review sites from your central location.
how we solve it
Strategy for Skyrocket Reviews
We use our own tactics to boost your reviews across all the channels for your reviews with every new client you work with that brings more customers to your business every day.
Monitoring & fixing
24/7 Monitoring your business reviews is our job. our team of professionals makes sure you get the best setup from our team.

FAQ Web Design

what is Webxilla?

Webxilla Custom Website Development | Seo & Digital Marketing Agency with years of experiences and highly professional team. We are specialists in web development, e-Commerce development, digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing and facebook ads for our clients.

How this works?

This really very simple and fast process of working with us.

1st you are going to order the plan you decide once you will finish with it you are going to go our once time special services offer to you as you become our client.

2nd you will go the design selection where you will se lot of different custom designs for you once you select just copy the name.

3rd You have been through to our questionnaire where you give will detail answers about your company or business website requirement.

Finally once you fill out questionnaire with all required information we will get notified and we start customize the design you select at 2nd step according to your industry and package and also keep you inform through our backend management system.

once its done you will be asking to approve it. You will have 30 days to order for free changes. Once you will be satisfied you will make it approved.


What if i will not satisfied with my website or store?

By any chance if you will not satisfied with your website made by Webxilla we will give you money back under these conditions.


  • Money Back Guarantee will not be valid if website first design is accept  and we start revisions.
  • Money Back will be only release within 15 days of signing up the plan.
  • Request comes prior to beginning revisions on your website draft.

Although, based on your plan and timing, you may incur a cancellation fee or additional charges. See our Refund Policy for offer packages  for further details details.

You can also checkout our Full Terms here.


can i have my own logo on my new website?

Absolutely! We will add your logo on your website that will show your branding that you are using all over. If you need new logo you can order it anytime.

how it is different from other web & digital marketing agencies?


1: Professional Website development : With wide experience in WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and Photoshop, and our development team in Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

2: All Services Under One Roof : Our expert teams are all capable of handling your entire web and Internet marketing like seo, social media management, and ppc. 

3: Most Affordable Rates : Our all services are super affordable and competitive with the market.

4: Domain | Hosting & Maintenance Included : We offer so many services included in our web design package which normally you have to pay separately.

5: Super Efficient Developing Process : All developing process is as smooth as it can be and keep you informed with performance of your website development.


6: Dedicates Support For Our Clients : Lighting fast response for all of your queries handling by the team of experts.


There are so many thing that makes us different from others if you want to know more please browse our site for more info.

what are addons and how its different from included services.

Addons are the special services that we offer according to your business needs & industry. However, So many extra services and Addons will be added according to your plan. 

The difference between services and addons are services are already coming with your plan as complementary on the other hands addons are extra services we add to your website or store based on your order. 

You can check out our all the Addons anytime 


how about the content?

We will make headers, call outs, titles, meta and headings according to your page along with images according to your plan. Once you give us content of your pages will professionally format it.

Also you can give us your previous website from Webxilla will fetch the content & add into your new website.

If you want completely new content you can order it anytime on Webxilla which is done by professional writers.




FAQ Social Media

How you manage our social media behind the scenes

Team Meeting about the social media marketing & management services  Research niche, target audience & Competitors.Design strategy and content for your campaign. Design your social media professionally and make schedule for posting.

How you will post in my Business?

Once we research your business in your niche, target clients, and your industry competitors. We specially get the post for your business only that is creating buzz in your industry and post twice a week.

Why can't i do it myself?

Sure you do it yourself but social media posting and engaging with followers in a right way daily is much time consuming. Also goal is to have the perfect mix of fun, informative, relevant and engaging posts. And sneak in some promotional posts when the time is right. which needs always more professionalism and time.

Do you manage on other social networks as well?

Yes we manage Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

why posting is so important on social media?

Our goal is to keep your business alive and create buzz on social media. We post things people can talk about, and when they talk about they share with their friends which means more rolling balls towards your service and product that ends up more clients and sales.

Can i still post on my social media?

Absolutely! You can post on your social media accounts whenever you want as you always do.

If i need special promotion of a product on social media ?

Yes! You can shoot an email and we will design the post and right strategy for your product promotion. which takes normally 24 hours.

FAQ Review

How will you start with business?


We will first evaluate your business and then get the auditing to analyze what kind of functionality you need. According to that we will set up your review system on your website and connect it other review sites you already have. after that, we integrate those sites into your dashboard and we are good to go.

How did this work?

This is not a complex process but yes it needs professionals.

We will give you all the real boosting power you need for your business to get as many reviews possible as you want to.

All the Details mentioned in this page how our system works will be included in the package.

All the above are included according to your plan with us.


how about the system?

All the system will be monitor by our team, so we got you covered with this one.


how it WILL Affect ON MY BUSINESS?


As above mentioned there is no doubt that reviews are playing an 88% role in buying decisions. This means if you have legit good reviews from all over the web and also on your website that will get you more customers, more rankings in search results which means more sales. 


There are so many things that makes webxilla different from others if you want to know more please browse our site for more info.

Do you have money back guarantee?

For this offer we are not giving any money back guarantee because these are services that will be provided to you first hand, Our packages are super competitive which means we actually overdeliver.




Professional stock Images will be purchased if you need more from us.

Unlimited style revisions will be  apply to website or store within the ‘site design period’. Which is 30 days.

Ongoing website updates apply to content & pictures simply (coding or practicality requests quoted individually).
Website or Store will be completed in 30 days from the day you approve the first draft.

If you ordered extra add ons to apply to your site. There’s no guarantee associate add-on are going to be put in and/or designed at intervals 24  hours doesn’t apply to any of them.

Redesign your website to beautiful fresh new look from our Design catalog Library every 12 months, totally optional for you can be only applied by our Professionals for a 275 one-time fee.

If you need content you can order it anytime for 50$/250 words.

Extra stock images can be order anytime other than included in your plan.

Social Media graphic which is highly customized for you will be consider extra add-on if you want it other than provided as service in plan.

You will be up to your packages assigned website File/Product Storage specification.

For ecommerce Payment carts, Payment provider and businessperson account fees will be apply
if you want extra custom payment system integration it will be available for extra fee.

Over storage/bandwidth is charged at $3/GB other than the use.